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    Check Broadband Availability

    Top Broadband Internet Providers in Arkansas

    Avg. Download SpeedAvailabilityTechnology
    AT&T Internet 100Mbps100%DSL and Fixed Wireless
    Viasat 69Mbps100%Satellite
    HughesNet 25Mbps100%Satellite
    Verizon High Speed Internet 15Mbps93%DSL
    Windstream 1Gbps86%DSL and Fiber
    AT&T Internet 3Gbps85%IPBB and Fiber
    NATCO 1Gbps100%Fiber
    Walnut Hill Telephone Co 100Mbps99%DSL and Fiber
    Rice Belt Telephone Company 90Mbps89%Fiber
    Bayou 75Mbps85%Cable

    Arkansas is ranked the 49th best area for mobile coverage in the US out of 53 areas