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    Top Broadband Internet Providers in California

    Avg. Download SpeedAvailabilityTechnology
    Viasat 77Mbps100%Satellite
    HughesNet 25Mbps100%Satellite
    AT&T Internet 100Mbps96%DSL and Fixed Wireless
    WireFree Communications 25Mbps100%Fixed Wireless
    Sky Valley Network 20Mbps98%Fixed Wireless
    FireServe 100Mbps97%Fixed Wireless
    101 Netlink 100Mbps96%Fixed Wireless
    Arroyo Seco Internet 50Mbps96%Fixed Wireless
    Applied Technology Group 25Mbps96%Fixed Wireless
    Etheric 117Mbps95%Fixed Wireless

    California is ranked the 19th best area for mobile coverage in the US out of 53 areas